Top Beaches in Portugal by Boat

Setting sail in Portugal on the Atlantic ocean offers strong winds for the expert sailor or a more leisurely adventure in coves along the shore. With a coastline lined with stunning beaches, sailing from Cascais or Lisbon will offer outstanding sandy waterfronts and pods of dolphins bursting through the waves. Come along for the ride as we explore some of the more secluded beaches of Portugal.


Sailing from Cascais to a land of dinosaurs


When you rent a boat for sailing Cascais, add the secluded Praia da Baleeira to your adventure list. Located south of Cascais in Azoia, this off the grid retreat is best accessible and protected by cliffs rising on either side of the protected cove. Keep a close eye on the cliffs and try to spot the dinosaur footprints cascading the cliffs! This enchanting combination of ancient history and aqua seas is a must when you’re sailing in Cascais.


Sailing Lisbon to Berlengas Archipelago


Set sail for the alluring pink-hued archipelago of Berlengas. If you’re sailing from Lisbon, hoist the main and chart north for this remote island. With cliffs rising high into the sky against turquoise waters, make sure you bring your camera to capture the sights! Only accessible by boat, spend the day puttering around and find a secluded beach to call yours for the day.


Set sail for one of the top beaches in Portugal

Known not only as one of the best beaches in Portugal but in Europe as well, Praia da Adraga is a sight to behold. With cliffs cascading into the sky against a deep blue sea, spend the day watching the water spray off the waves and evaporate into the sunlight. Sailing from Cascais to Praia da Adraga could have you keeling in the Atlantic ocean with strong winds so hold on to the main sail and make way!


Head to tranquil Portinho da Arrábida


Sailing from Lisbon to Portinho da Arrábida will offer unparalleled views of endless turquoise seas. Located on the coast of Arrábida mountain the secluded, calm waters pose the perfect backdrop to spend the day paddleboarding, snorkeling or swimming! When you’re splashing around keep a close eye for dolphins jumping on the horizon.


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