Top Sailing Destinations Near Port Katsiki Lefkada

If you’re drawn to the island by the allure of Port Katsiki in Lefkada, one of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, stay for a few days during your yacht charter in Greece and explore the surrounding areas! Lefkada, translating to "white", is known for the white washed cliffs rising high on the south side of the island. Part of the Ionian islands, spend a day or two in Lefkada exploring the beaches, harbors, lighthouses or top windsurfing locations! We’ve picked a few of our favorite spots on the south side of the island to explore after visiting Port Katsiki in Lefkada.




A day at Port Katsiki in Lefkada

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches, Port Katsiki beach must be added to your destination list during your yacht charter in Greece. Breathtaking expanses of aqua water, stretches of white sandy beaches with white cliffs rising straight into the sky put this picturesque landscape on your beach bucket list. Grab a sunbed and flip through a magazine or float in the water admiring the tall cliffs topped with deep green grass.


The Lighthouse of Lefkada

Built over a century ago, the Lighthouse of Lefkada on the southern tip of the island stands loftily atop a cliff warding off any shipwrecks.

A nice addition to sail by after a day at Port Katsiki in Lefkada, enjoy the sunset and a bottle of wine from the bow of your boat under the protection of the lighthouse. If you’d like to spend the day here, deep waters pose the perfect position for scuba diving.


Spend a night in Sivota


When you rent a yacht charter in Lefkada to explore Lefkada, spend an evening moored in the safe harbor of Sivota. Located on the south side, this is one of the most beautiful harbors in Lefkada. Moor your Sailo boat, enjoy fresh fish and explore the shops at this seaside town. No matter if you’re weathering strong winds or looking for a place to spend the night after lounging on the beach at Port Katsiki in Lefkada, this quaint seaside harbor is a delight to explore.


The best spot to windsurf

Located on the south coast of Lefkada, Vassiliki beach is known worldwide as a prime location for windsurfing. Recognized as one of the windsurfing capitals in Europe, novice and expert alike can glide atop the crystal water.


For first timers, it’s best to take a lesson in the morning before the wind picks up in the afternoon. During the afternoon you can simply sit on the beach or your yacht charter in Greece and watch hundreds of talented windsurfers zip by!

For more ideas of places to visit during your Lefkada sailing trip, visit Sailo’s Lefkada guide.