Top Tips For An Awesome Sailing Trip in Cyprus


The Mediterranean has long been seen as one of the most glamorous holiday destinations, with images of white stone houses, fragrant hillsides and lazy lunches bathed in sunshine and wine. Visiting Cyprus is a perfect way to experience this vibrant region and enjoy a bit of culture alongside your rest and relaxation.

There is a lot to do on land, but experiencing the island with a boat rental in Cyprus can make a great holiday into an unforgettable one. Giving you a whole new perspective on the island (literally), making time to organise yacht rental in Cyprus allows you to get away from the crowds and truly enjoy some quality down time.

If you’re thinking about yacht rental in Cyprus, these are our best suggestions for enjoying your time on a sailing trip around this beautiful island.



Research the area

Wherever you are in Cyprus, the coastline is dotted with beautiful and intriguing places to visit. From the sea caves near Ayia Napa to the Blue Lagoon near Akamas. Taking the time to look at what there is near to your base means you can maximise your boat rental in Cyprus with an excursion.

If you’re doing a day trip in a yacht rental then factor in the time it takes to get there and back. Sometimes it might be a little tricky working out how far somewhere is from your home marina, so you might not know how long to allow.

As an example, sailing from Paphos to the Blue Lagoon and back with a stop off will be a full day trip. Ayia Napa to Famagusta is just a few hours as a round trip, but is a very popular trip with lots to see and do on the way.



Choose the right boat for your party

Organising a boat rental in Cyprus means you’ll be able to choose from a classic yacht for 6 or 8 people, all the way up to a glamorous superyacht for 20 or even up to 150 people. So choosing the right yacht on Sailo for your party means you’ll need to consider what you’re looking for from your boat trip in Cyprus.

If you’re after a family experience, with the opportunity to stop and snorkel at one of the many beautiful reefs around the coastline then one of the smaller power boats or yachts would be ideal.

But if you’re organising a getaway for your business colleagues, or if you want to put on the most glamorous party then you’ll find options for proper gin palaces and superyachts. There’s even an option to hire a pirate themed yacht in Cyprus!

Most yacht rentals in Cyprus with Sailo are captained, meaning the tricky part is taken care of and you just need to focus on enjoying your sailing trip.



Don’t forget the extras

Many Sailo yacht rentals in Cyprus include food and drinks or even snorkelling equipment, but always check before you book. Every boat rental is different, so one might provide everything you need and the other might just provide the boat.

As a general rule, we recommend making sure you have plenty of sunscreen and water as standard. Also, check the weather and if you need waterproofs then don’t forget to pack them. Even in the Mediterranean the weather can sometimes turn.



Speak to your captain before departure

When you book a yacht rental in Cyprus with Sailo you have the option to message the owner. We recommend discussing your party’s requirements, asking them for any recommended routes for your day trip and letting them know of any specific requests before you sail away.

Your captain will know the waters better than anyone else, so if you’re wondering about the best itinerary or snorkelling spots, just ask! They’ll be happy to help and of course they will have the local knowledge that you just can’t get by searching online.



Respect your surroundings

Enjoying a boat trip in Cyprus is a fantastic way to experience the country and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings. Making sure you keep it that way for the next set of visitors and the locals is the best way to show your respect. Take your rubbish home, don’t throw anything overboard, take lots of pictures and great memories but leave only footprints in the sand.

If you arrive on a secluded beach or beauty spot then enjoy the scenery and respect any other visitors who are there, or people who might live there. We all like to enjoy some music and get into the party spirit sometimes, especially if we’re on a chartered sailing trip with a party element. But take others into consideration and avoid tarnishing the reputation of tourists and visitors.



You’ll find plenty of choice for yacht rental in Cyprus with Sailo, so take a look and find your perfect boat.