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Guadeloupe Boat Rental & Yacht Charter in Guadeloupe — Try Sailo!

Looking for a boat rental in Guadeloupe? This gorgeous Caribbean archipelago is a traveler’s dream, a tropical paradise in the middle of the Antilles with enough culture, scenery, adventure, and tranquility to satisfy everyone seeking a memorable vacation. No matter what you get up to while visiting this island, you won’t ever want to leave this beautiful gem of the sea. 

This destination is truly the perfect home base for a Caribbean sailing vacation, and what better way to explore the islands than by boat rental? Sailo offers plenty of options for sailing yacht charter in Guadeloupe, to fit every traveler’s need, whether you’re an experienced sailor and you want to rent bareboat or you’re more of a newbie and want to relax knowing a captain is taking care of the rest. So climb aboard and get ready to set sail for paradise — your sailboat, catamaran or motor yacht awaits!

Renting a boat in Guadeloupe on Sailo

Sailo’s convenient and easy-to-use platform makes finding your yacht charter in Guadeloupe a breeze. Whether you know exactly what type of boat you need for your vacation or you’re open to a variety of options, you can use Sailo’s search filters to narrow your results based on boat type (like sailboat or catamaran), price, party size, travel dates, and more.

These filters can help you find the best charter for you or allow you to see different options depending on what will suit your specific travel plans bes. 

Yacht charter in Guadeloupe: weekly sailing vacations

Sailo offers multiple options for your next week-long boat rental or yacht charter in Guadeloupe, which will give you the opportunity to explore the Caribbean islands and check off everything on your bucket list while you’re visiting. We always recommend sailing in the Caribbean for at least a week so that you can truly experience everything this part of the world has to offer, from the culture and atmosphere of every port to the memorable sea life and white sand beaches. 

Trust us — rent a boat for a week and you’ll be planning your next sailing vacation in no time. 

One of the benefits of weekly rentals is the ability to reserve for free. When you select a weekly yacht charter from Guadeloupe, you have the option of reserving a boat, modifying the reservation, and even cancelling if it isn’t the right fit, all within a 24-hour grace period when you don’t need to submit your credit card information. This allows you to communicate via email with the boat representative and your travel party to make sure the rental is the ideal option for your sailing vacation.

Guadeloupe one-week sailing itinerary

For anyone visiting this Caribbean yachting paradise for the first time — or renting a boat for the first time — we put together this helpful one-week itinerary to help you navigate the islands. Remember that you can choose a charter with a captain or book a bareboat yacht charter in Guadeloupe depending on your experience, and your boat representative can help by offering their tips and expertise before you arrive on the island. 

Begin your first day by arriving at Marina Bas du Fort. This is less than a half hour from the airport (remember - for some of our rentals you can add airport transportation to your boa rental or yacht charter in Guadeloupe, if needed!). After embarking on your sailing journey, set course to Ilet a Gosier. This small island is a picture of paradise, with reefs perfect for snorkeling and white sandy beaches that look right off a postcast. 

On the next day and the days following, we suggest planning to stop at Marie-Galante to experience Caribbean culture and amazing swimming; Portsmouth, Dominica to tour the Indian River and relax; Les Saintes for some island exploring and a visit to Fort Napoleon; and Basse Terre, where you can take in the local scenery and enjoy your last day at sea. Finally, return back to Marina Bas du Fort and return your yacht charter in Guadeloupe before exploring the island on land. 

Guadeloupe Boat charter: what to do on land?

There’s plenty to do in Guadeloupe that you’ll want to make sure you allow yourself at least a couple of days to explore the island. No matter what, take advantage of the delicious Creole cuisine and the sounds of local music — we suggest having dinner outside and exploring the local shops before or after your meal. 

Looking for adventure? Spend a day exploring Guadeloupe National Park. If you want to spend some time relaxing beachside, check out Les Saintes, Marie-Galante, and La Desirade for beautiful shorelines. 

Want to plan a trip to explore other Caribbean destinations? Check out the beautiful islands of Martinique and Grenada and see what the rest of this scenic region has to offer!

The Caribbean is calling your name — book your boat rental or yacht charter in Guadeloupe vacation today!