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38 boat rentals in Westport, CT, USA

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Westport Fishing Charters - Your Ticket for a Fun Day!

Westport, CT is known by many as an art center, a haven of writers and musicians, ever since the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald decided to live here. At Sailo, we know Westport because it’s one of the most sought-after boating destinations close to New York, very popular during the summer. Our Westport fishing charters are in high demand starting from May until late September. The coastal towns close to NYC are for many of our sailing enthusiasts the first option to spend their weekend away from the city, enjoying a harbor cruise in Greenwich or in Stamford, or exploring Norwalk islands on a boat rental from Westport, CT. Fishing charters are your best bet for an active day in the sun, together with your family or your friends.

If you are rather looking for a relaxed sailing trip more than going after the big catch, then check out our boats in GreenwichStamford, Port Chester or Mamaroneck.   

Are  you plan to explore New England this summer? Make sure to check our boating destination guides for Cape Cod, MA or Newport, RI! Or get you know the Big Apple in a different way - read about New York Attractions By Boat!

Should you have any questions about your boat rental in Westport, CT, you can easily send a message directly to the boat representative, or reach out to us on live chat, or by email at