Corporate Events and Client Meetings

Everybody will always remember an event on the water. Check out our top 7 reasons why you should organize your next corporate party or business event in a boat rental!


1. Your colleagues will have a blast

Yet another team event at the generic bar or restaurant down the street? That sounds so...boring. Why not make your next event memorable by hosting something on the water? Here at Sailo, we have plenty of options for your next event. Some fun corporate events that our clients have hosted on the water include holiday parties, intimate team gatherings, and large orientations for intern classes. Everybody will always remember an event on the water and your team members will appreciate the fact that you went to the extra effort to think outside of the box and plan something that they actually want to attend!


2. No event is too big or too small

When it comes to having an event on a boat rental, the possibilities are truly endless! Whether you plan on having an event in New York, Miami, the Caribbean or Europe, Sailo has you covered. We have boats for corporate events of up to 1,000 people (here) and also plenty of more manageable options for up to 90 guests (here or here) and boats that are perfect for your team’s smaller, more intimate events (here).


3. Boats make networking easier!

Ever gotten that feeling that the one person that you really wanted to network with at an event either left early or just didn’t show up? When your corporate event is on a boat rental, your employees will be more encouraged within the confines of a boat - there is no escape! Doing the rounds is easier on a yacht where people are likely to congregate on the deck, near the bar, or by the windows. More people are likely to show up for a boat event because, let’s face it, they are just that much more fun!


4. Bar and catering options

Anything that you could possibly imagine to make your event special can be brought aboard a boat! Most boats (especially the larger ones) can be fully catered and are available with either cash or open bars. Full course meals can also be served aboard and full entertainment options are also available depending on the boat that you rent!


5. Explore and experience your city in a different way

So, hands up, who wants to go to the around the corner that you and your co-workers always go to? If the answer is no (which, we’re assuming, it most likely is!), do yourself a favor and browse our fleet. We’re sure that you will find the perfect boat for your next event. When you host your next team event on a boat, your colleagues will be encouraged to explore their city. Why not have a cruise around Manhattan or a cruise along the beautiful shorelines of Miami? An event on a boat is also a great way to impress recruits or new hires - get results from your boat trip!


6. Build your team on the water

Events on the water do not just have to be social, they can also be based around team building exercises. Whether it be racing, obstacle courses, or other activities, team events on the water are memorable and highly effective. Check out our top selection of team building ideas on a boat and get inspired!


7. They are easy to plan

At Sailo, our goal is to make planning your next event on the water as easy as possible. When planning events, on the water, there is no need to use multiple vendors to plan your event. Many boat charters have myriad catering and entertainment options to make your event perfect. Our own team of event planners has access to nearly every large boat in the New York or Miami area to make planning your event especially easy.