Overnighting On A Boat Rental

Spending a night “on the hook” is one of the most unique experiences you can have out at sea. Many first time boaters have no idea what to expect when dropping anchor for the night. Here’s a little information to put your mind at ease before your first night out on boat rental or yacht charter.  


Staying on a boat overnight will be like  nothing you have ever experienced. After a long day in the sun out on the water, you can kick back and relax, enjoying arguably the best view of the setting sun. The clarity of the night sky will be better than you have ever seen it, virtually unobscured, with no light pollution taking away from the dazzling brilliance. Lulled to sleep by the sounds of the water lapping against the boat, a night “on the hook” could provide you with your best sleep yet.


Stay warm - It is important to remember that sometimes at night the temperature out on the water is significantly cooler than on land, so it would best to pack layers as well as a blanket or two for extra warmth.

Accommodations - Staying on a boat at night will be different from camping out in the woods; you can still have your basic household accommodations while being on a boat! Most boats that allow overnight trips will have the convenience of a bathroom, possibly a shower, and not to mention beds to sleep in-- you don’t need to compromise your comfort when sleeping out at sea.

And who knows, maybe spending the night on a boat checks all your needs for a good night sleep?! If you are wondering what it takes to get a better sleep, check Restfaq for a step-by-step roadmap to healthy sleeping. 

Anchoring - Your initial reaction may be to worry about anchoring in the darkness, low visibility, drifting, and rough water conditions. We advise you not to lose sleep; you will be in good hands with knowledgeable captains who have extensive experience boating at night. Most captains will choose protected areas, such as small coves, to drop anchor where boat traffic will be at a minimum. Generally the captain and crew will also keep watch throughout the night. They also know the best anchoring techniques in order to prevent drifting at night. Not to mention, boats are required to display navigation/anchor lights all night long to make themselves visible to other vessels. All safety precautions will be made in order to ensure a calm night for you and your guests.

Next day - When staying overnight on a boat the possibilities are endless when you wake up. Whether you decide to wake up with the rising sun, sleep in, relax all day on deck, or spend your time doing numerous water activities, the beauty of sleeping on a boat is all the time at sea you have ahead of you the next day.