Bahamas: 4 hour sailing excursion itinerary


Wondering how to make the most of one day in Nassau? If you’re stopping off with a cruise ship, or you’ve got just a few hours to kill in Nassau, why not make the most of your time with a private boat rental? One of the best things to do in Nassau, with just four hours to kill is definitely a private sailing trip.


Our four hour sailing itinerary from Nassau’s Palm Cay Marina is the perfect way to see the best of New Providence and the stunning islands surrounding Nassau. On a private yacht charter from Nassau, you’ll enjoy several hours sailing on a beautiful sailing boat, experience snorkeling and swimming in pristine waters and enjoy some perfect Bahamian hospitality.

Typically setting sail at 9am or 1pm, and returning to port at 1pm or 5pm, you’ll be able to enjoy an unforgettable day sailing in the Bahamas.


Refreshments included

All that sailing and swimming is hard work, so you’ll be pleased to hear that our crew provide some delicious snacks to keep your energy up. Expect delicious cheese, salami and olive cracker platters, fresh fruit and chocolate to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

If you want to bring something more substantial, such as a picnic, then you’re welcome to do so. The crew of your boat rental can also provide additional snacks or meals for a small extra supplement, if you prefer. 


Making a splash at Rose Island

From Nassau, your boat rental will head to Rose Island and it’s beautiful beaches and incredible corals. Here you can either swim from the boat, and see a huge variety of sea life right there below you.


Or, if you’re more of the land lubber type, we can ferry you to the beach in our small boat so you can stay dry and perhaps explore the island.

Don’t worry about bringing a snorkel. Our professional crew will bring everything you need to have a great day out with your private sailing trip in Nassau.


Rose Island

Our destination is a long spit of stunning tropical island, just five miles from Nassau. The sailing trip takes around 1 hr 30 mins each way, and is usually a smooth ride on board your Nassau yacht charter. Once at Rose Island, the crew of your private boat rental will help you make the most of your stay. Want to go ashore? Or prefer to swim from the boat? The island is home to a small inland lagoon, a string of gorgeous beaches and a cluster of independent resorts and restaurants.


Swimming with the pigs

You may have heard of the swimming pigs of the Bahamas, with these friendly beasts found on several islands in the archipelago. If you want to visit the swimming pigs on Rose Island, let your crew know before you set off on your Bahamas sailing trip.


The pigs on Rose Island are not wild, but are kept by a local resort and are available to visit on a day trip with your Sailo yacht charter from Nassau.


Snorkeling on Rose Island

It’s possible to snorkel both from the beach, or from your boat rental on Rose Island. So if you’re a beginner with a snorkel, don’t worry, you’ll be able to swim from the beach and explore at your leisure.


We estimate that at least 1 and a half, to 1 and three quarter hours of your Bahamas sailing trip can be spent on the beach or snorkeling (or, why not both!), so you can make a splash at your leisure.

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