Bahamas Boat Trips from Nassau - 2 hours cruise


Make the best of your day in Nassau on a private yacht charter 


Want to experience sailing in the Bahamas, but don’t have the time to charter a yacht for a week? No problem! Our Bahamas sailing trips from New Providence/Nassau are the perfect way to experience the beautiful scenery and twinkling blue seas from the deck of a private boat rental.

Our 2 hour sailing itineraries don’t include any extra activities like snorkelling or landing at another location. But, you will get the thrill of sailing the seas and maybe even spotting some dolphins as your Bahamas yacht charter makes its way out past the Nassau Harbour lighthouse...


Sunset sailing trip in Nassau

One of our most popular sailing day trips by Nassau boat charters, this 2 hour sailing trip takes you from the Palm Cay Marina on a leisurely cruise. Take in the views of the New Providence coastline, escape the crowds on the mainland and get some fresh air and time to relax. 

A sunset sailing trip in Nassau is a great choice at the end of a day, or before you need to jump back on the cruise ship. And of course, if you’re looking for something romantic to do in the Bahamas, what else but a sunset sailing trip?


Short day trip sailing in Nassau

If a sunset sailing trip is a bit too late in the day for you, we’re happy to take you out sailing on the water whenever you prefer. Wake yourself up and get set for the day with a morning sailing trip around Nassau and New Providence, or take a post lunch boat rental out into the harbour and the seas. See the Bahamas by boat, get some great photos and have a day trip to remember!


Sailing Trip Highlights

Nassau Harbour Lighthouse

Sitting on the west of Paradise Island, the Nassau Harbour lighthouse marks the entrance to the port of Nassau. This historic landmark is the oldest in the Bahamas, both welcoming sailors to the city and bidding them farewell.

As your yacht charter rounds the headland, you’ll be able to get some great views of the lighthouse with the Atlantis hotel complex and the cruise ships docked in the background. 


Fort Montagu

This colonial era fort was built by the British in 1741 to defend against Spanish skirmishes. Today, it is a popular attraction in Nassau, and a popular place to take in the view, buy some souvenirs and enjoy some local cuisine. If you’re enjoying a sightseeing trip in Nassau with a private boat rental, it’s one of the main sights of the city, so keep an eye out for it! 


Paradise Island

Home to beautiful sandy beaches, shimmering blue lagoons teeming with sea life and top quality hotels and golf courses, it’s easy to see why Paradise Island is so called.

On a sunset cruise in Nassau, the island looks magical. You’ll spot the spectacular Atlantis Hotel resort towering from the centre of the island and palm trees swaying the gentle tropical breeze. Cameras at the ready...

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