Top Seaside Restaurants in Italy

Recognized as the infamous “boot” on the world map, you’re in for a magnificent vacation if you’re heading to the coast of Italy. Whether on a yacht charter in Sardinia or looking for a boat charter in Cinque Terre, the nearly 5,000 mile coastline boasts pastel houses precariously balanced on cliffs and cuisine to make your mouth water! There’s nothing more enchanting than sipping wine and eating fresh fish prepared at a family-owned restaurant by the seaside. We’ve picked a few of our favorite beachside restaurants where you can dine in a cave, eat local sea urchin and admire pink-hued sunsets!


Rent a yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast and sail to family-owned restaurant


As you’re admiring Amalfi cliffsides Unesco deemed an outstanding example of Mediterranean landscape, reign in the sails and head for La Conca del Sogno. Best accessible by boat, this seaside restaurant is located in Massa Lubrense, Italy. Originally a stone quarry until the 1950’s, the Tizzani family envisioned and brought to life an enchanting restaurant atop the cliffside. Still run by the Tizzani family today, you will enjoy local seafood, wine and Italian delights at La Conca del Sogno. When you rent a yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast, this local gem is a must!


Boat charter from Cinque Terre to medieval watch tower

When you’re exploring the pastel hued coastline, there are endless delightful restaurants to eat your way through! We recommend renting a boat charter in Cinque Terre and stopping by Ristorante Belforte. This quaint restaurant is carved into the cliffside and a medieval watch tower in the village of Vernazza.


Make a reservation for sunset and watch the sun dip into the Mediterranean as you eat fish caught that morning cooked in a salt crust. Pair with a local red or white wine that will accentuate the mouth-watering local cuisine.


Yacht charter in Sardinia to posh beachside restaurant

Whether enjoying a delicious dinner or sunset cocktail at Giancarlo Morelli, the views from this high end restaurant will certainly not disappoint! After a long day of sailing in Sardinia, anchor on the north side of the island and come on land to sip a cocktail at the beach or numerous day beds. Enjoy a delicious dinner as the sun sets between masts in the bay and over the mountains in the distance. If you feel like dancing, stick around after the sun sets when the music starts. If you’re renting a yacht charter in Sardinia, you’ll enjoy dancing the night away under the stars at this restaurant turned nightclub.



Sailing Sicily to quaint, beachside restaurant

If you’re sailing around Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, drop anchor in Porto Palo on the southwest part of the island. If you rent a boat for sailing in Sicily, we recommend a quaint beachside lunch at Da Vittorio where the wine, olive oil and fish are fresh and local! You will enjoy dishes such as pasta with sea urchins or sauteed octopus.


At this bay to table restaurant, the delectable fish is caught that day by local fisherman.

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