Top Beaches by Boat in Italy

With nearly 5,000 miles of coastline, Italy has countless breathtaking beaches where you can anchor your boat and explore. Whether you are sailing from Cinque Terre, Sardinia or have a yacht charter in Sicily there’s a beach for every type of sailor. Turquoise waters contrasted with cliffs climbing into the sky create the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation after walking the cobblestone streets of Italy. Come along for the ride as we explore whitewashed stone art, villages that don’t exist and coastal paradises by boat.


Yacht charter from Sicily to Scala dei Turchi


Also known as “Stair of the Turks,” your experience in a yacht charter in Sicily wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Scala dei Turchi. Situated on the southwest coast of Sicily, Scala dei Turchi appears to be a man-made, white-washed staircase smoothed into the side of the island. This natural wonder, completely created by the wind and the sea is a sight to behold. Anchor your yacht and explore the smooth, white stone under your feet. Perch on one of the jutting rocks and watch the sunset on the horizon or go cliff diving into the turquoise water. When you rent a yacht charter in Sicily, be sure to bring your camera to capture the natural beauty of Scala dei Turchi.


Sailing Cinque Terre to Elba

If you’re sailing from Cinque Terre and making way down the coast of Tuscany, stop by the island of Elba where Napoleon Bonaparte was once banished to.


Drop anchor at Sansone Beach and banish yourself to the white pebble beach for a day of sun and sea adventures. Otherwise a ten minute hike from the mainland, the white pebbles create a stunning aqua backdrop for a day of snorkeling and swimming. Set on a backdrop of rocky cliffs, when you rent a boat to sail Cinque Terre, Sansone Beach is a must!


Sailing Sardinia to Costa Paradiso

When you rent a boat to sail Sardinia, you must visit Costa Paradiso on the northern side of Sardinia. Translating to “Paradise Coast,” this stretch of sand juxtaposed with red-hued cliffs lives up to it’s namesake. We recommend visiting Li Cossi beach that is an otherwise 10-20 minute hike for landlubbers. Anchor your boat and bring your snorkel to explore the colorful fish that live among the cliffside coast.


When you’re ready for a beachside nap, go ashore to rest on the long stretch of sandy beach.


Take a boat rental from Naples, Italy to Furore

If you’re looking for boat rentals in Naples, Italy to go sailing the Amalfi Coast, we recommend visiting a place once named, “the village that doesn’t exist”. In Furore, with houses scattered along the coastline and hidden inside a fjord, this village wasn’t recognizable by a passerby on the coastline in the old days.


When you’re sailing the the Amalfi Coast in the province of Salerno, take a small boat through the narrow fjord from the sea to a tiny beach nestled at the end. Passing under a stone bridge, even the magnificent journey through the cliffs of the fjord are sure to take your breath away!


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