Travel Essentials


Before you leave to Italy, be sure to exchange your local money to the euro if needed.

Otherwise, exchanging money in Italy can be expensive since exchange bureau fees are high and banks only exchange currency for their own clients. Keep in mind that paying with travellers cheques is no longer available and they are almost impossible to change. If you prefer to pay with a credit card, major establishments accept credit cards whose logos are posted in their front windows, just as they do in the USA and Canada (Mastercard and Visa are accepted the most frequent). ATMs in Italy are known as Bancomat, and can be found anywhere in large cities as well as in small towns.


When travelling, it is always important to not only stay hydrated, but to also keep your phone juiced up. How else would you take awesome photos of your trip? Buy a charger for Voltage 220 V, frequency 50HZ and for power sockets type C and L. When dialing a phone number, the Italian international dialing prefix is +39. In case of emergency, it is important to keep the following phone numbers at hand:
(+39) 112– police
(+39) 115 – fire brigade
(+39) 118 – ambulance
(+39) 530– search and rescue at sea