Top Family Events on the French Riviera



If you’re departing shortly on a glamorous French Riviera yacht charter, you’re in for a delightful week abroad!


For those looking to avoid the glitz of Cannes Film Festival but enjoy the camaraderie of public events, Sailo hand selected a few of our favorite French Riviera events. From water jousting to fireworks competitions, hop onboard for events with the whole family!


Cannes Yacht Charter to International Yacht Festival


If you’re in the market for a yacht or simply want to admire from afar, take your Cannes yacht charter to the International Yacht Festival in September. Hosted in Cannes since 1977, stroll along the docks to admire hundreds of luxury yachts at Europe’s largest boat show. Admire the latest sailboats, motorboats and superyachts the industry has to offer!


Admire century old yachts in action


For a glimpse into the sailing past, visit the Regates Royales Cannes on your yacht charter in the South of France. Hosted in the end of September, admire over 100 classic yachts zig-zagging through the Bay of Cannes for victory. With boats dating back within the last century, you can catch a rare glance into sailing of old. At night, the port hosts events to mix and mingle and discuss the day’s defeat with sailors.


Experience water jousting first hand

If you’re looking for a day trip on an Antibes boat rental, take your Sailo boat along the coast of the French Riviera to Sète for the St. Louis Festival of water jousting. Yes, you did read that correctly!


Taking place in the end of August, admire dockside as competitors adorned in all-white have jousting tournaments from small boats in the canal. Watch jousters tumble from their boat perch in a tradition dating back to the 1600s! For an eventful day trip on your Sailo Antibes boat rental, this water jousting festival is a must!


View entrancing fireworks from Cannes yacht charter


With several dates throughout the summer, hop aboard your French Riviera yacht charter to visit the outstanding fireworks displays in the Bay of Cannes. Since the 1960s Cannes has hosted the international fireworks display for artists to dazzle audiences. Synched with music, you will witness some of the best worldwide fireworks displays! If you get to watch the fireworks from a Cannes yacht charter, you’re in for a night to remember!

For more ideas to add to your itinerary on a yacht charter in the South of France, visit Sailo’s French Riviera destination guide.