Secret Ports on the French Riviera


Heading to the French Riviera for a week of unparalleled Mediterranean beauty? If you’re departing on
your Marseille yacht charter and want the grandeur of the French Riviera without the crowds, we’ve got
the perfect itinerary for you! Hoist the sails on your Sailo yacht charter in France and journey from port
to port sipping locally grown rosé. Join us on a journey to the less crowded yet undeniably charming port
towns along the French Riviera.


A night in Cassis


For the first stop after you rent a boat in Marseille, head to the small seaside village, Cassis. Located just
20 miles southeast of Marseille, Cassis will greet you with the beauty but not the bustle of the typical French
Riviera. Spend a night or two in the port talking to locals and enjoying fresh seafood. We recommend taking
a trip up the hills to the vineyards to sample local wines harvested with a sea breeze.


Meander the canals of Sète

Depart in the early morning from Cassis and spend the day journeying on your Marseille yacht charter to the
unpretentious port town of Sète.


With expansive canals and a lively fishing scene, you can spend the day meandering through the port town
nibbling on fresh croissants! If you’re looking to spend a day on the beach, Sète offers 8 miles of unspoilt
sand to stretch out and read the book you’ve been itching to read!


Experience Roman era history in Narbonne


Throw away the dock lines in Sète and make way on your yacht charter in France to Narbonne. A sleepy
city center that once was a major Roman hub boasts ancient history alongside modern French charm.
To explore remnants of the Roman era, visit the Horreum. Dating back to first century BC, the Horreum
is thought to be used as an underground warehouse. Consisting of narrow passageways and tunnels,
this was likely storage area for local markets.


Explore the fishing village of Gruissan


For the final stop on your off-the-beaten-path French Riviera journey, dock in the fishing village of Gruissan.
Once a casual beachside respite for local farmers before the grape harvesting season, Gruissan is the
perfect place to end your vacation. Although beachgoers no longer sleep in covered wagons, this town stays
true to the laid-back ambiance of many moons ago. When you rent a boat in Marseille, we highly recommend
spending some time exploring this seaside town.  

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