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Rent a Yacht for a Week: Boat Charters to Hire


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Weekly Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals to Hire with Sailo!

5 tips to Find and Book the Best Weekly Yacht Charter on Sailo

Looking to rent a yacht for a week with Sailo? Let’s say you’ve decided to go on a sailing vacation with your family or friends and you’re now looking to rent the perfect yacht for a week. Sailo offers a few unique features that you can take full advantage of before you actually book the boat.

  • Advanced filters that allow you to customize your search results by trip dates, number of guests, boat type (sail, catamaran or motor boat), crew (w/ or w/o captain included);
  • Live Availability - once you’ve set your travel dates, we’ll show you only the available boats that also meet your other search criteria (in case you set any);
  • The price and availability calendar for the next 12 months, including early bird discounts, high and off-season prices, as well as the weeks when the boat is already booked. This feature is unique to Sailo and will help you find the best deals you can get when you rent a boat for a week. The live availability and price calendar is visible on the boat page;
  • Real-time, automated quote - forget about the hassle of sending an email to a yacht specialist and waiting for a few days to receive a quote for your weekly charter! On Sailo you can build your own budget in real-time: see the final boat rental price, the mandatory extras, as well as all the optionals you can add to customize your sailing vacation;
  • 24 hrs Free Reservation, no credit card required - an unique, automated feature that Sailo offers to its customers. If you want to rent a yacht for a week, you found one that you like but still need time to think about it or talk to your friends or family, you can reserve it for 24 hours, without having to fill in your credit card information.Read more about it: Reserve for Free - Week Long Charters Only.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a week?

Whether you are looking to rent a boat for a week for a family vacation or an adventure at sea with your friends, on Sailo you will find multiple options for sailboat, catamaran and motor boat charters, at various price points. Your budget will vary significantly depending on whether you hire a captain or you rent a bareboat that you’ll captain yourself, time of the year (on or off-season) and the rest of the extras that the boat may have set as mandatory or the ones you’ll add from the optionals. A beautiful sailboat without a captain from Split, Croatia may have a rental price starting from $700/week off-season (service fee and mandatory extras not included, while a luxury motor yacht in Cannes, France, with captain and crew included, can be rented for prices starting at $30,000/week.

Popular locations to hire a boat for a week