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Rent a Yacht in Greece for a Week: Boat Charters & Rentals

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Hire a Weekly Boat Rental in Greece with Sailo!

Choosing a weekly yacht charter in Greece? Discover the thrill of the open water by a private weekly boat rental in Greece from Sailo. Rent a yacht charter in Greece for a week (or as long as you want) and really get to know the beauty of this amazing country. Experienced sailors, choose your bareboat and go explore! If you prefer to relax on deck, you’ll find plenty of crewed yacht charters waiting to take you wherever you wish.

Our premium Greece private boat rentals inventory

There are currently 3691 Sailo weekly yacht charters in Greece waiting for you. Make a splash with a private boat rental, with one of our 2630 sailboat charters in Greece. We also have 876 catamaran charters in Greece. For those who prefer luxury on the water, browse our 148 motor yachts in Greece. Want to make room for a big group, or perhaps even throw a memorable party? You’ll find a great selection of 37 party yacht rentals in Greece.

How to find a weekly boat rental in Greece?

If you are interested to hire a weekly boat rental in Greece for your sailing vacation, after you filtered for weekly trip duration, you can search through 3691 weekly yacht rentals in Greece by price ranging between €1500 and €45500, type of boat, such as motorboats, sailboats monohulls or catamarans, and number of guests. Your real-time quote for a boat rental will include details about all mandatory fees and taxes, payable at booking time and payable at base so you don’t get surprised by extra costs later. If you can’t make up your mind right away, you can use the 'Free reservation' to put the boat on hold.

What is Sailo’s cancellation policy?

As long as the booking request hasn't been accepted by the boat owner, the renter can cancel the request without any charge. If the renter cancels after the booking request has been accepted, the booking will be subject to the terms of the cancellation policy in place for each boat. The renter should check the cancellation policy with the boat owner, as some of the professional operators have specific cancellation policies which supersede that of Sailo. Whenever a boat owner doesn't have a specific cancellation policy,Sailo's Standard Cancellation policy will apply.

Eco-friendly practices for boaters

Sailing is a great way to experience nature. So we like to remind everyone that keeping nature as beautiful as possible involves a little effort from all of us. Some of our tips for responsible boating include:

  • Don’t litter or throw waste overboard - take rubbish home and dispose of it responsibly
  • Eco-friendly sunblock can help prevent damage to marine life
  • buy local and sustainable food products

However long you’re sailing for, a little goes a long way. Read more about responsible boating.

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