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Rent a Sailboat for a Week


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Weekly Sailboat Charters to Rent | Great Sailing Vacations Worldwide

How much does it cost to rent a sailboat for a week?

Whether you are looking to rent a yacht for a week for a family sailing vacation or an adventure at sea with your friends, on Sailo you will find multiple options for sailboat charters, at various price points. Depending on your location and the time of year when you want to sail, the starting price to charter a bareboat for a week may start at $400 (no mandatory extras and service fee included) and may go up to $50,000 or more. The most important factors to consider when you are building your real-time quote are: location, sailing period (prices during peak season can double), whether you want to hire a skipper or you’ll choose to drive the boat yourself (option bareboat), the mandatory extras and the ones you’d like to add as optionals.

What to Pack for a Sailing Vacation

Sailo is here to help you make the best decisions during your packing process for your next amazing sailing vacation with family or friends. Always keep in mind while packing that sailboats have very limited space on board. Therefore, you should avoid bringing unnecessary items that aren’t essential when you rent a sailboat for a week. Packing light and simple is the key to have a great experience on your private Sailo sailboat charter! Check out the list of all the items you should absolutely have with you during your trip:

  • Travel documents for boating paradises outside the US
    Make sure to check visa requirements well ahead of time in case you need to apply beforehand and make sure your passport is valid up to the date of your travel;
  • Money
    Find out if US dollars are an acceptable form of currency if cruising abroad and save yourself the hassle of exchanging money in a foreign country: bring cash! Bring enough to get you through the first day or two and do not forget your ATM card for cash necessities during the trip;
  • Clothing and shoes
    Think casual! You will be wearing shorts, T- shirts, and sundresses, sun hats for the most part and of course your swimming suit (bring an extra one!). You might also want to pack a sweatshirt, as nights can get cold on the water. A light fleece or windbreaker is a must!
    Pack you boat shoes or light soled non marking shoes for onboard and a pair of sandals or sneakers for the days or evenings you will be on land.
  • Personal toiletries and medication
    Keep it very simple and minimise the products you bring onboard. Three essential products you should bring: bath soap, shampoo and of course plenty of sunscreen. If you need medication, bring an adequate supply of it. Also, if you have any prescribed medication bring sufficient amounts because you might not be able to get refills locally if you are cruising in a foreign country.
  • Bug spray and a flashlight with batteries
    You will want to keep flies and mosquitoes away while boating. It would be a shame if your trip was ruined by bug bites! You will find the flashlight this very useful to use in your cabin or as a headlight on the dinghy ride home.

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