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Rent a Catamaran for a Day


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Daily Catamaran Rentals | The Best Sailo Yacht Charter Near You

How much is to rent a catamaran for a day in the United States?

The price for a catamaran yacht charter for a day (8 hours) depends on the location, boat size, number of guests and day of the week, with Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays usually more expensive than a regular week day. The traditional sailing destinations for catamarans in the United States are South Florida and the Keys, Annapolis, MD, and California (Newport Beach, San Diego, etc). The rental price for a day trip on a 34’ captained catamaran in Miami may start as low as $600/day for 6 guests (mandatory extras and service fee not included), while the rental budget for a slightly bigger 38 feet catamaran in San Francisco, CA (captain and fuel included, mandatory extras and service fee not included) may start from $960/day for 6 guests.

Why choose a catamaran yacht charter?

Sailing catamarans are our top choice for a day trip with family or friends: you can hoist the sails (weather permitted) and enjoy the day sailing on a very stable boat with two hulls that better absorb the waves, or power it up to get you quickly to the best fun places such as snorkeling or fishing spots. This boat type also offers more inside and outside space and comfort aboard, making it a great choice for families with kids or larger groups. Some of you can relax, sipping cocktails on the aft deck, while others sunbathe on the net in front of the boat, or take a nap inside.

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