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17 Motorboat Rentals Istanbul


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Rent a motorboat in Istanbul with Sailo

Hello, sea adventurers and motorboat aficionados! Welcome to the breathtaking city of Istanbul, where modernity meets history on every corner, and nothing beats exploring its grandeur from its magnificent waterways. At Sailo, we specialize in offering unforgettable aquatic experiences, and we firmly believe that renting a motorboat in Istanbul will bring you the most satisfying sense of freedom. Picture yourself steering across the Bosphorus, with the skyline on one side and the open sea on the other, the motor humming and the sun on your skin. With Istanbul motorboat rentals, that can become your reality!

Our Premium Selection of Private Motorboat Rentals in Istanbul

We are delighted to present our diverse range of private motorboat rentals in Istanbul, ready to cater to your sea-going desires. Whether you fancy the speed and agility of a compact powerboat or the opulence of a larger motor yacht, we've got it all in our selection of Istanbul motorboat rentals. Each of our vessels has been carefully chosen for their quality and performance, ensuring you get the best experience possible, whether you're planning a brief escape on the sea or a week-long exploration. Choose the boat that calls out to you and get ready to take on the Istanbul waters like a pro!

How to Find a Motorboat Rental in Istanbul

You might be wondering, how does one secure the ideal motorboat rental in Istanbul? We've made it incredibly straightforward. Our intuitive platform guides you effortlessly through your journey, right from browsing to booking. Take your time to peruse our array of motorboat charters in Istanbul, study each boat's features, look through photos, and read past users' reviews. Once you've zeroed in on your dream boat, booking it is a breeze. Our customizable filters also let you narrow down the selection based on your specific preferences, making it even easier to rent a motorboat in Istanbul that's just right for your needs.

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Motorboat in Istanbul for a Day?

Now, let's talk about the budget. How much would it cost to charter a motorboat in Istanbul for a day? It all depends on various factors such as the size of the boat, how long you want to rent it, and any additional services you might require. We have options for every wallet size, from cost-efficient small motorboats to luxury yachts perfect for indulging in life's finer things. You can be assured that our motorboat charters in Istanbul provide excellent value for money, delivering unforgettable experiences that are worth every penny. For a more precise cost estimate, just explore our Istanbul motorboat charters on our website, where all the details you need are readily available.

Can I Rent a Motorboat Charter in Istanbul with a Captain?

Yes! Opting to hire a motorboat in Istanbul with a seasoned captain at the helm is a choice you won't regret. If you're new to motorboating, a captain will manage all the technicalities, allowing you to enjoy the ride stress-free. Even if you're a seasoned boat handler, having a local captain can enhance your experience tenfold. They know the sea routes, and the best spots for views, and can share valuable insights about the local attractions. With a captain on board, your journey becomes more than a ride; it transforms into a rich, local experience. Your private motorboat charters in Istanbul will become memories of a lifetime, filled with luxury and tranquility.

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Rent a boat near Istanbul

Whether you are a boating enthusiast, a vetted sailor, or you simply want to rent a boat in Istanbul, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can explore the stunning coastline of Istanbul and everything it has to offer in an instant, with these amazing boats: