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Saltsjöbaden, Sweden - a yachting playground perfect to explore with Sailo

Want to go boating in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden? Sailo offers an excellent selection of boat rentals and yacht charters for you to explore the waters of Saltsjöbaden. With Sailo, it’s easy to rent a boat for as long as you wish. From a day trip to a week-long sailing vacation. Step aboard your boat charter with your family or friends and discover a whole other side to Sweden from Saltsjöbaden.

Interested in renting a sailboat? Check availability in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden

Saltsjöbaden is an old-time favorite boating destination in Sweden, recommended by both locals and tourists who enjoy the thrill of water adventures; sailboat rentals are a great choice if you want to surprise your family or group of friends with a private charter experience. A total of 10 rentals are currently available with or without captain in Saltsjöbaden. Find the perfect sailboat for your adventure in Sweden on Sailo!

Find your weekly charter for a great sailing experience

If you are interested in a weekly sailing vacation, after you filtered for weekly trip duration, you can search through 10 boats in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden by price ranging between $1789 and $3478, type of boat, such as motorboats, sailboats monohulls or catamarans, and number of guests. Furthermore, you can filter to see only boats that have watermaker, USB or GPS. On each boat’s details page you can click on the tab 'Prices' which will show you a full year calendar with availability, prices and deals for each week.

How much does it cost to rent a Saltsjöbaden, Sweden sailboat for a week?

Whether you are looking to rent a yacht for a week for a family vacation or an adventure at sea with your friends, on Sailo you will find multiple options for sailboat charters, at various price points. The average starting price to charter a yacht for a week from Saltsjöbaden is $2525. You should check out the excellent affordable rentals starting at $1789 and also the elegant sailboat charters in Saltsjöbaden, Sweden that can go up to $3478 (service fee and mandatory extras not included).

Can I rent a yacht in Saltsjöbaden with a captain?

When you rent a Sailo boat with captain, you set yourself and your guests for a relaxed, worry-free trip, with a professional skipper making sure that you all have an amazing experience on the water. Currently we offer 1 boat and yacht rentals with captain in Saltsjöbaden.

Eco-friendly practices for boaters

Sailing is a great way to experience nature. So we like to remind everyone that keeping nature as beautiful as possible involves a little effort from all of us. Some of our tips for responsible boating include:
  • Don’t litter or throw waste overboard - take rubbish home and dispose of it responsibly
  • Eco-friendly sunblock can help prevent damage to marine life
  • buy local and sustainable food products
However long you’re sailing for, a little goes a long way. Read more about responsible boating.