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315 boat rentals in Road Town, British Virgin Islands

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Bareboat Charter in BVI | British Virgin Islands Boat Rentals

Tortola Sailing Charters

Welcome to Road Town, Tortola! This is one of the gems of the British Virgin Islands (or BVI) that should be on every person’s bucket list, especially if you love tropical vacation destinations. The BVI are a spectacular sailing location in the Caribbean, filled with tranquil coves, beautiful cays, amazing places to snorkel and fish, stunning turquoise waters, and immersive cultural experiences that are so unique to the region.

There’s no better way to experience the natural wonders and intriguing culture of the BVI than by boat. You can easily rent a boat from Road Town and explore the beautiful islands on one of our Tortola sailing charters, whether you rent a bareboat charter in BVI or you hire a skipper. 


Explore Sailo's Bristish Virgin Island Boat Rentals 

If you’re looking to rent a boat in Road Town, Tortola, BVI, then you’ve come to the right place. Sailo makes it easier than ever to find Tortola sailing charters. Using our convenient platform, you can search for BVI boat rentals with easy-to-use filters. Search by boat type (sailboat, motor boat, or catamaran), price, number of people in your party, and travel dates, among a variety of other filters that can narrow your results to the type of rental that’s right for you.

When you think about your next sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands, keep in mind that boat rentals without captain are also available. If you are an experienced sailor, you can rent a bareboat charter in BVI, so there is no need to hire a captain. However, if you are not as experienced or you aren’t licensed, you will need to rent a boat with a captain. Luckily, Sailo allows you to hire a skipper or rent a captained boat. Whether or not you choose a bareboat charter in BVI will depend on your experience and travel plans.

One of the benefits of renting a week-long sailing charter in Tortola is the option to reserve for free. You have 24 hours to put a hold on the boat of your choice and modify or cancel the reservation if it isn’t a good fit for your vacation plans, all without needing to enter your credit card information. 

Not all Tortola sailing charters are able to be reserved for free, so apply the “Instant book” filter at the top of the listings page in order to find the ones that have this option.


What to know when visiting Road Town, Tortola, BVI

Road Town, Tortola is an absolutely stunning Caribbean destination to visit, and we have some helpful tips that can make your BVI vacation even more spectacular.

Weather in the Caribbean is gorgeous year round, but you don’t want tropical storms to ruin your trip. Hurricane season lasts officially from June through November and peaks in September- October, so keep in mind that if you plan to visit during this time, there is a chance that a hurricane or tropical storm can affect the sailing conditions. 

Visiting in January through April can offer optimal weather, but no matter when you plan to go sailing in the BVI, be sure to check the forecast leading up to your travel dates.

While you’re in the BVI, you can extend your trip and explore the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well. These are another gorgeous vacation spot for anyone who loves the tropics. We recommend renting a boat in the U.S.V.I. while you’re in the Caribbean to see what other islands in the area have to offer. 

Below we have included a sample itinerary for the BVI on one of Sailo’s Tortola sailing charters leaving from Road Town. Keep in mind that sailing in the BVI is very flexible and your itinerary will be easy to modify -- this is simply a guide to some places you can add to your must-see list while you’re visiting the British Virgin Islands. 


Sample Tortola, BVI sailing itinerary from Road Town

Starting from Road Town, head to Cooper Island, a lovely island with plenty of activities and areas to explore both on land and in the surrounding bay. 

Next, make your way to Virgin Gorda Island. This place is known around the world for its Baths, which are definitely worth checking out for a swim and soak. There is also plenty of dining on the island, and it’s a great place to grab some local grub. 

The following day, you have to head over to one of the top destinations for BVI yacht charters, Anegada Island, known for its gorgeous, serene beaches. All of the places you stop at during your tour of the British Virgin Islands will be beautiful, but Agnegada is a cut above the rest. Other areas we recommend visiting are Trellis Bay, Marina Cay, Guana Island, and Great Harbour. 

No matter where you choose to stop during your one-week sailing charter in the BVI, you’re sure to find enough fun and adventure to keep you from wanting to leave. Hey, you can always extend your trip!


Road Town, Tortola is definitely worth exploring on your next Caribbean vacation. Book your captained or bareboat charter in BVI today to start planning your trip to paradise!