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Weekly Party Boat Rentals | Charter A Sailo Event Boat For Your Next Event

A party on a yacht used to be something that only the elites can afford, but as many of our customers have already discovered, that is not the case anymore. Motor boats and sailboats alike make unique and memorable venues for private or business events, and they are available for budgets that are often comparable to classic venues like hotels, restaurants or nightclubs. What better way to mark a special family reunion, social or a business event than with a party on an elegant boat? If you are planning an event for more than 13 guests, make it special with one of our top rated event boats! Event packages may include fine food, delicious cocktails, live entertainment or professional DJ, and trained crew that will get every detail of your celebration just right. Find the perfect party yacht rental for your event on Sailo!

How much does it cost to rent a party boat charter for a day?

A Sailo party boat charter accommodates groups 13+ guests and it’s a great choice for private or business events. Your total budget depends on location, type of boat, number of guests, and the catering and entertainment packages you’re going to choose for your special day on the water. While the boat rental price usually doesn’t depend on the number of guests, it may vary by the day of the week or time of the day. If you are looking to rent a party boat for a private or business event, make sure to check the Extras available such as food and drink (catering) packages and entertainment options. These prices are negotiated per person and they can start as low as $25/guest up to premium catering packages of $125 and more per guest.

Before submitting your booking, the best way to ensure your event will be a success is to contact the boat representative directly by clicking the “Message Owner” button on the boat page, to discuss your event needs and special arrangements.

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