Sailo College Ambassadors Program

Do you want to party on a yacht for a week? For Free!?

What are flotilla holidays and why would you want to sign up for one?

How would you like to upgrade your Spring Break and enjoy it on a yacht for free? That's what the College Ambassadors Program is all about! Enjoy Spring Break 2019 in the beautiful British Virgin Islands while traveling in style on one of Sailo’s most luxurious catamarans! You’ll get to party from one island to the next and make tons of new friends as you sail in a group of yachts following the same route and making stops at fun attractions together. Become an ambassador and come on the Spring Break free trip of your life with a week of luxury sailing and exclusive sightseeing on a Sailo flotilla in the BVI!

Why would you want to become a Sailo College Ambassador?

  • Travel Credit - Sailo College Ambassadors Perk
    Travel Credit
    Book up to 7 friends and you get $100 off your trip for each one!
  • Free Travel - Sailo College Ambassadors Perk
    Free Trip
    Book 8 people and get your spot for free!                                                    
  • Party Credit - Sailo College Ambassadors Perk
    Trip Party Credit
    For every person you get past 8 people you receive credit for food and party packages for the week!
  • Free Upgrade - Sailo College Ambassadors Perk
    Free Upgrade and Party Package
    Book 16 people and your yacht can choose from a even more options including getting a chef, party supplies, or a yacht upgrade!
  • Commission Structure - Sailo College Ambassadors Perk
    Commission Structure
    For every guest after 16 people we will pay you cold hard cash!                                                    
  • Referral Bonus - Sailo College Ambassadors Perk
    Referral Bonus
    Do you have friends that are good at recruiting too? We will pay you trip credit based upon their referrals! Inquire for more at

How does it work?

Step 1

Apply to become a Sailo College Ambassador! Once you’re approved, you’ll get your own code to share it with your mates.
Step 2

You’re a leader! Reserve your spot on the trip and your friends will follow!
Step 3

Promote it! Get the word out there! Host a get together with your friends to talk about the trip! Spread it on social media! Use any means to get your friends excited about the trip!
Step 4

Party! You are about to spend a week on a yacht with your friends and if you recruited enough friends, likely for free! Get excited!

Sailo College Ambassadors Application Form

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