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7 Reviews

  • Amy
    Aug. 1st, 2019

    Had an amazing time. Would definitely recommend

  • Carmichael
    July 7th, 2019

    What a phenomenal experience! My friends and I had a wonderful time on Elena's boat to celebrate my birthday. It was so spacious and well-equipped with everything we needed to have a great time at sea. We even got to swim around and play with some of the activities that were on the boat. Elena and her team were so wonderful to work with, and tailored our ride to let us see everything we wanted to see! Before arriving, Elena was very accommodating and responsive to all of my questions. It was our first time in Miami, and I'm so glad we experienced it on this beautiful boat. Would highly recommend!

  • Shayla
    June 17th, 2019

    I would not recommend renting from this site OR this owner. I contacted a couple owners before booking this yacht and had either zero response or conflicting booking info.

    Although most of this owner's reviews are pleasant, I can say my experience was far from it. I contacted the owner Elena to request info regarding her 60 ft Ferretti on June 11th.. We communicated about details and after she confirmed the boat's availability, I promptly booked the yacht for the 2 hr duration on June 22nd 3pm-5pm. Paid in full. After booking was complete I once again confirmed my 3pm timing. Elena replied and assured me the reservation was accurate. The next day I actually reached out and spoke with her directly concerning bad weather policy. She was pleasant, we discussed my reservation specifically. I informed her that I was hosting a bachelorette weekend in Miami and we were all tourists so a contingency would be needed if weather was not favorable. Elena explained the weather protocol and advised me not to check forecast until closer to the week of travel. The next day, she contacted me saying that she could not fulfill my reservation due to it being a 2 hour booking on a weekend. I asked her to explain how could this be when I not only book that time frame on BUT she confirmed and accepted my payment for the 2 hr price NOT a half day amount which is clearly more. She quickly blamed the website and offered me another "yacht"... a big orange fancy speedboat in my opinion. I declined that offer because that was not the yacht I wanted nor paid for. She gave the option to change my times. One for 10am and the other for 8pm. Ridiculous! I reminded her that we were only in town for the weekend and had very little flexibility. I would be willing to change times as long as it was realistic. We would not be able to make an early AM time and 8pm at night was just insulting. Side note, she did not have a previous booking in my time slot , she must have just wanted to leave it open for someone who may want a longer booking. Basically, more money for her. She claimed that she would figure something out so that this didn't ruin our trip. And if she couldn't, then we would get a full refund.

    Two days go by and I don't hear anything for her. I reached out on June 15th to confirm the reservation was still intact... she simply reply "Unfortunately we can only do 8pm-10pm."
    As if we hadn't booked and confirmed my time originally . After I explained how disappointed I was with her customer service and how unfair this all was. She said nothing. When I reached out again, she the said Sailo was finding me another boat. No one from sailo ever contacted me. I then was left with no choice but to tell her to cancel.

    Now, here's the kicker... she cancels the reservation and SAILO.COM still charges ME the $73 service fee! How outrageous ! I contacted Elena and sailo because this is just wrong. Still waiting for response from the company .Now, I am currently in the process of finding a new yacht with less that a week before my party 12 arrives in Miami with hearts set on a yacht experience. But I assure you that I will not use this 3rd party site ever again.

  • Daryl
    June 16th, 2019

    Aour charter was great the captain was great the host was great. It was Safe and fun. I will be using this charter again

  • Mary
    June 14th, 2019

    Elena and her crew are absolutely amazing!!! Elena was super responsive and helpful since the first day I reached out. I inquired for my sisters bachelorette party and it was truly the highlight of the trip-- the boat is BEAUTIFUL, extremely clean, and we could not have asked for a better captain onboard - SO fun, nice, and attentive!!!! My experience was nothing but perfect -- if i am ever back in Miami, we will be doing this again! Thanks for an overall GREAT experience :)

  • Mindy
    June 10th, 2019

    We had a wonderful half day on this boat in early June 2019. Captain and crew were amazing! Elena, the owner, was also wonderful. Would highly recommend this boat and crew to anyone wanting to spend time out on the beautiful waters of Miami!

  • Hailey
    May 10th, 2019

    We took this boat out for a bachelorette party and had the best day out at sea! They took us to a sandbar during the day and then brought us to a restaurant for us to grab lunch. Highlight of our trip!