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Rent a Motor Boat for a Week: Charters & Rentals


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Weekly Motor Boat Rentals | Book Your Yacht Vacation Now

Are you looking for your next amazing yacht vacation? You’ve come to the right place! Sailo is the global online booking platform for boat rentals and yacht charters available in over 50 countries and 500 boating destinations worldwide: US - Florida, New York and Los Angeles, Europe - the entire Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean sea - Bahamas, Virgin Islands, the French Antilles, South Asia - Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

Browse tens of thousands of beautiful boats, with or without captains, customize your search based on price, location, number of guests, type of boat, and amenities. You can choose to spend a week-long yacht vacation on a boat at a variety of price points, and use the platform to message the boat owners to ask details or make special arrangements.

We offer the most advanced booking system for weekly yacht vacations including a 24hrs FREE reservation option, live availability and secure online payments in USD and Euro. Our platform also features a proprietary unique event tool that allows you to organize your own sailing vacations, manage your guests and collect payments.

How much does it cost to rent a motor boat for a week?

On Sailo you can find beautiful motor boats available to rent for week-long sailing vacations all over the world. Your total cost for a week-long charter will vary significantly with the location and season, as well as the boat length and manufacturer. When you want to rent a motor boat for a week, make sure to use our advanced filters to narrow your results according to your yacht vacation plans:

  • select your dates to see only the boats that are available during that time;
  • choose Boat type “motor” and further specify the length, manufacturer and model if you wish to
  • filter by price to find the charters that fit your budget;
  • use filter “Captain” to choose between a captained boat (with captain included in the price) or bareboat if you’ll want to drive the boat yourself;
  • if you would like to further customize your results by number of cabins and amenities such as air conditioning or dinghy, make sure to do so to get only the perfect charters available for your trip.

Once you’ve found a motor yacht that you like, click on it to go to the boat page. Here you’ll find more information readily available to help you build a real-time quote for your vacation. When you want to rent a motor boat for a week, your quote on Sailo will include details about all mandatory fees and taxes (no hidden fees!), payable at booking time and payable at base so you don’t get surprised by extra costs later. If you can’t make up your mind right away, you can use the “Free reservation” to put the boat on hold. Learn more about 24hrs FREE Reservation available only for week-long boating experience!

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