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Rent a boat in Berlin with Sailo

Hello, Berlin-bound boaters! Ready to experience the vibrant heart of Germany from its iconic waterways? With Sailo's Berlin boat rentals, your aquatic adventure through historic and modern vistas is just a reservation away. Whether it's cruising by the Reichstag or floating past the Berliner Dom, a boat day in Berlin is an unparalleled experience.

Our premium selection of private boat rentals in Berlin

Immerse yourself in luxury on Berlin's lakes and rivers with our hand-selected private boat rentals in Berlin. Choose from sleek speedboats, classic sailboats, or majestic yachts to suit your style. Our Berlin yacht rentals promise a top-tier experience, combining comfort and class for your pleasure cruising.

How to find a boat rental in Berlin

Discovering your ideal boat rental in Berlin is a breeze with Sailo. Whether you aim to rent a yacht in Berlin for a special occasion or simply want to hire a boat in Berlin for leisure, our user-friendly platform showcases a fleet of options. Navigate through our listings, select your dates, and you're ready to cast off.

How much does it cost to charter a boat in Berlin for a day?

Curious about the costs for your Berlin boating excursion? Boat charters in Berlin offer a spectrum of prices to fit every sailor's budget. Berlin boat charters are designed with variety in mind, from affordable day cruisers to luxury yachts, ensuring a day on the water for every price point.

Can I rent a boat charter in Berlin with a captain?

Absolutely! For those who wish to sit back and enjoy the view, our private yacht charters in Berlin are available with experienced captains. Let a professional take the wheel as you soak in the sights and relax in style. With a captain at the helm, your Berlin boating day is sure to be as smooth as the calm waters of the Spree.

Rent a boat near Berlin

Looking to rent a boat near Berlin? We got you covered! Explore Berlin and its amazing surroundings in an instant, with these amazing boats: