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32 Yacht Rentals in San Diego: Boat Charters

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Rent a Yacht Charter in San Diego, CA with Sailo!

Choosing a yacht rental in San Diego, CA? Hello from the sunny Southern California! San Diego is as SoCal as it gets: picturesque beaches, unforgettable dining, historic landmarks, and amazing views everywhere you look. And with everything San Diego has to offer, it’s no wonder this city is considered one of the most popular places to rent a boat in the U.S.

Sailo offers plenty of SoCal yacht charters, so you can search our offer to find the ideal boat rental for your trip to the Golden State. California is home to so many fun and beautiful destinations, and the best way to embrace the spirit of the state is truly by boat. Keep reading for more information about our yacht rentals in San Diego.

How to rent a yacht charter in San Diego, CA?

When renting a yacht charter in San Diego in this gorgeous coastal location, you can choose from a variety of options on Sailo. You can choose clasic San Diego sailboat charters or an elegant motor boat, a sporty catamaran rental in San Diego or San Diego party boat charters for groups of 13+ guests depending on your accommodation needs and preferences, and you can easily find the yacht charter of your choice using Sailo’s convenient search filters. Sailo’s search filters also allow you to narrow your San Diego boat rental search by price, boat size, travel dates, party size, whether you want to hire a captain or skipper, and so much more. This is a great tool to use so be sure to take advantage of it as you find your perfect yacht charter in Sand Diego, California.

Keep in mind that most of the boat charters in San Diego are daily rentals, meaning you can book a sailboat or a catamaran rental in Sa Diego for a full day (up to 8 hours) or just a few hours (such as a half or quarter day). With everything Southern California has to offer, we suggest taking a land-and-sea vacation, such as a weekend getaway on a boat rental in San Diego for a day of your trip and spend the second day exploring the area on land.

What type of a boat rental in San Diego you should choose

By far one of the most popular choices for yacht charters and catamaran rentals in California are party boats. With all of the entertainment and sightseeing in the area, it’s no wonder many groups choose a party yacht charter in San Diego for a day or even for just a few hours. The best part about party boats is their versatility: they can be rented for smaller, private events or larger corporate events and still offer guests a great time.

As a reminder, party boats are usually rented for groups of more than 12 people. When you are renting a party boat for a group of 12 people or more, you may have more amenities available to you, such as catering and entertainment services. Click the Message Owner button on the boat rental page if you want to organize a San Diego event with catering or entertainment so you can inquire directly with the boat representative.

Tips for a yacht rental in San Diego, California

Even though this beautiful city is known for its amazing weather year-round, we still suggest checking the weather before you visit so that you can rent a boat in ideal boating conditions. Booking a yacht charter in San Diego, California in the summer months is a way to all but guarantee sunny skies during your adventure.

San Diego is home to some of the best sightseeing destinations in all of the U.S., so be sure to do some exploring both by land and by sea during your trip. Take a cruise along Big Bay for views of landmarks like Shelter Island, the U.S.S. Midway Aircraft Carrier, and Cabrillo National Monument. Have some seafood or tacos from a local favorite eatery, or just spend the day on the beach and hit the waves.

Sailing in California

There are so many other destinations up and down the Pacific Coast where you can sightsee by boat. Sailo offers boat rentals in Newport Beach, which is not a far drive from San Diego if you wanted to rent multiple boats on your California trip. You can also charter a yacht in Los Angeles and explore the string of Channel Island off the coast for a truly memorable experience of one of California’s National Parks. You can even travel to the Northern coast of the Golden State for a spectacular experience touring San Francisco by boat. No matter where your adventurous side takes you, you’ll find some beauty and fun in California.

Popular locations to rent a boat in California