Come join us on an adventure of a lifetime! (1 event)

Have you ever wanted to do a weeklong sailing vacation on a yacht but didn’t know how to arrange it?  We want to make this simple! Instead of trying to organize a bunch of friends and arrange all the logistics; we make it happen! Simply reserve a cabin or a whole boat, and we arrange all the logistics such as skippers and reserving the botas! If more than one boat signs up, the sailing vacation turns into a flotilla, a group of boats sailing together.


For a full week, we will sail these locations, home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and legendary sights! These  sailing trip have something for everybody - from enjoying the famous local cocktails right on the beach, to diving shipwrecks, trying on the delicious and exploring history around the world.


You don’t need any experience being on a sailing vacation before, we will help every step of the way!


Here are the details...

So how does this work? The very first day you arrive, you will meet your boatmates, your skipper and if more than one boat, the team on the other yachts! These fellow sailors will be new friends for life! For the full week you will live, eat, and party together sailing and exploring!

Everyday you will wake up to a beautiful sunrise at a different location. The skipper will be preparing the boat for the next location as you eat breakfast or maybe take a quick invigorating swim to get ready for another day in paradise!

How would you like to go on one of Sailo’s sailing vacations for free? Learn more about our First Mate Program here!



Questions about our yacht trips? Check out our FAQs or send us a message at josh@sailo.com!