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Why going on vacation at a resort when you can go on an amazing BVI sailing adventure on a yacht full of old and new friends!? We’d like to introduce you to Sailo Flotilla Holidays! Flotillas are a group of sailing yachts that follow a common itinerary, island hopping together. All boats start at the same location in the morning and then go off on their own during the day, sailing the British Virgin Islands most spectacular locations. In the evening, they meet back up with the rest of the flotilla at a rally point to partake in a larger, group activity.

For a full week, you will be sailing the British Virgin Islands - home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and legendary beach bars! A Virgin Islands sailing trip has something for everybody - from enjoying the famous local cocktail “Painkiller” right on the beach, to diving shipwrecks, trying on the delicious island cuisine and waving to Richard Branson as you sail by his Necker Island.  Imagine yourself on one of Sailo’s spacious and luxurious BVI catamaran charters, enjoying the breathtaking views of one of world’s most beautiful yachting paradise! Interested? Check out Sailo’s flotilla holidays to BVIs in winter 2019!


Experience BVI sailing on one of Sailo’s flotilla holidays in winter 2019!

How would you like to go on one of Sailo’s flotilla holidays for free? Learn more about our First Mate Program! If you are a college student, then how about the Spring Break adventure of your life? See how you can get your spot on one of our BVI catamaran charters for free with Sailo College Ambassador Program!

The first thing you might wonder about is where are exactly the British Virgin Islands? The British Virgin Islands, or BVIs for short, are located in the Caribbean, very close to St Thomas. In fact, when traveling for a BVI sailing vacation, most will fly into St Thomas, USVI and take a short and beautiful ferry ride to Road Town, BVIs.  

As soon as you arrive, you will meet your boatmates, your skipper and the team on the other yachts ! These fellow sailors will be new friends for life! For the full week you will live, eat, and party together sailing the warm, tropical waters of the Caribbean sea. Everyday you will wake up to a beautiful sunrise at a different island part of your BVI sailing itinerary. The skipper will be preparing the boat for the next location as you eat breakfast or maybe take a quick invigorating swim to get ready for another day in paradise! Sailing the Virgin Islands is exploring unique natural wonders like The Baths on Virgin Gorda, snorkeling or diving the crystal-clear waters to admire the bountiful marine life, and enjoying the best times with your old and new friends! We guarantee you that by the time your BVI sailing trip ends, you will have a new family!  You won’t be able to stop talking about your next adventure - maybe one of Sailo flotilla holidays in Thailand!  

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