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Bahamas Boat Rental | Best Deal for Your Yacht Charter in Nassau

Welcome to Nassau - a must-see for any tropical vacation lover! The crystal blue sea, relaxing beaches, laid-back yet fun atmosphere, and delicious dining options make Nassau a place you’ll never forget. 

Whether you’re looking to do a land-and-sea vacation and stay at one of its famous resorts before climbing aboard a daily Bahamas boat rental in Nassau, or if you want to spend over an entire week touring New Providence Island and surrounding destinations by boat, you’ll find the perfect yacht charter from Nassau for your tropical paradise vacation with Sailo.


How long should you rent a boat in Nassau? 

The boat rental you choose for your trip to the Bahamas will primarily depend on how long you plan to sail during your vacation. Is the yacht charter from Nassau the main focus of your trip where you plan to book a sailing vacation for a week or more? Do you want to rent a boat for a few days, or do you just want one of our Nassau fishing charters for the day? Sailo offers many options for a daily yacht charter from Nassau, as well as multi-day, and weekly Bahamas boat rentals so you can easily find the option that fits best with your vacation plans, whether it’s a sailboat, motor boat, or catamaran.

A daily Bahamas boat rental in Nassau is the perfect add-on to any trip with family or friends and is a very popular option for weekenders or cruisers. Multi-day yacht charters are a great happy medium between daily and weekly. You can choose a boat rental from Nassau for a 3-6 day period during a shorter trip or a long weekend. 

Whether you choose a daily or multi-day rental, make sure you contact the boat representative by clicking the Message Owner blue button on the boat page so you can coordinate your travel plans and explore all of your options.

Of course, a great way to explore the islands is by boat, so we also recommend a week-long sailing vacation when traveling to the Bahamas. 


Weekly Yacht Charter from Nassau

Renting a boat for one week or more will give you plenty of time to visit every destination on your bucket list, take part in water sports like snorkeling and diving, stop by some of the most beautiful spots in the entire archipelago, and even come across the hidden gems that you may not notice on a vacation that’s entirely on land. 

One reason why so many travelers prefer to book a weekly boat rental from Nassau is the ability to reserve for free. Within the first 24 hours, you can reserve your boat (no credit card required), modify the reservation, add customizations like a skipper or booking the boat barebacked if you don’t need a captain, and cancel the reservation if it isn’t the right fit. 

The option to reserve for free for 24 hours is only available for weekly rentals, so be sure to take advantage of this amenity if you plan to sail for over one week in the Bahamas.  


Tips for visiting Nassau

With its own international airport, Nassau is one of  the most convenient destinations to travel to from all of the Bahamian islands. You can book a flight directly to Nassau and then add transportation to and from the marina to your boat rental using Sailo’s convenient booking platform.

You should also be mindful of the weather in Nassau, since the best time of year to go is late winter and spring to avoid the peak hurricane seasons from summer through fall. Although the islands are beautiful year-round, you will find the best sailing conditions during the earlier half of the year.


One-week Bahamas sailing itinerary from Nassau

Before starting off your trip on a Sailo boat rental from Nassau, we recommend taking a couple of days to explore the Bahamas capital on land. Dine on delicious local food, check out the shopping and entertainment scene, and the extravagant resorts nearby. After you’ve taken in all that Nassau has to offer, it’s time to set course for the other islands on your vacation’s must-see list. 

On this week-long sailing trip, you’ll be heading for the Bahamas the Out Islands, the Exumas, an absolutely stunning array of little pieces of paradise. Your first stop will be Rose Island, where you can get your group on and try snorkeling or fishing off the island’s coast (if it is available, you can add the equipment as a booking request). 

Your next stops will be the palm-lined beaches of Norman’s Cay, the historic land-and-sea park at Wardrick Wells, and the iguana-populated island of Allen’s Cay. You can even spend a couple of days in one or more of these stops if you truly fall in love with this paradise like we did. Finally, head back to Nassau to enjoy everything you may have missed before you embarked on your sailing adventure.


Nassau is the perfect starting point for a lot of amazing nautical adventures on your boat rental in Bahamas. Our Nassau fishing charters and their professional captains are your best bet to catch the big trophy or your dinner, whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler. Sailo's yacht charters in Nassau, Bahamas are ideal for memorable sightseeing tours of the neighbouring islands, or snorkeling trips to enjoy the Bahamian crystal-clear waters. 

Browse all our daily boat rentals, multi-day, and weekly yacht charters Bahamas on Sailo to find the perfect option for your tropical getaway!