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Boat rentals in Bronx, NY, USA

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City Island NY Boat Rentals and Yacht Charters | Best Deals on Sailo

Looking for a weekend jaunt with your friends or a family vacation close to New York City? Whether you want to go fishing, or have a relaxed afternoon on the water, Sailo will arrange the perfect boat rental for you in City Island, NY.  

We have a large selection of boat rentals in City Island New York: from fishing boats to classic sailboats and powerboats. Browse, pick your favorite, book and you’re good to go!

Your nautical adventure would not be complete without a trip to the famous City Island Nautical Museum followed by fine-dining at one of the local waterfront restaurants. Or you can choose one of our fishing boats in City Island NY and catch your own meal.

If you plan to further explore the outskirts of NYC, you might want to take a look at our selection of boat rentals in Pelham Manor. And if your plans include a trip to the Big Apple, then don’t miss the chance to explore it by water! We invite you to browse our top boat rentals in NY, and to check out our New York Attractions by Boat destination guide.