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Boat Rentals in Key West

Check out our best selection of boat and yacht rentals in Key West! Florida’s world-renowned boating paradise is expecting you with so many attractions to choose from. You can either go for a Key West sailboat rental or start your nautical adventure in Miami. If you’re planning to spend few days in the keys, do not miss the chance to go on sunset cruise or on a snorkeling trip on one of our boat or motor yacht rentals. Key West has something for everybody and it's best explored by a catamaran or yacht rental!

Weather and boating in Key West

You should  always keep in mind the weather when planning your charter adventure. Key West is the perfect destination for a boat or yacht rental while on vacation because of the great almost year-round weather. With winters ranging in the 70°s and summers in the 90°s with quite high humidity, there’s no wrong time to visit. While Key West's weather is typically warm and calm, pay attention to the forecast leading up to your trip. If you’re traveling in the cooler months of the year, be sure to pack some layers to wear while on your yacht rental in Key West, especially if you plan to be on a sailboat for a sunset cruise.

When planning to rent a boat in Key West, you should also pay attention to the wind patterns, which can vary from light and breezy in the summer to slightly stronger throughout the rest of the year. Dress accordingly when you go on a boat rental if you plan to travel during those months. The wind shouldn’t have much of an affect on your boating adventure on a sailo Key West sailboat or yacht rental as long as you prepare yourself for what to expect while out on the water.

We are here to help you find the perfect boat for rent in Florida! If you are looking to have fun on the water in West Palm BeachFort Lauderdale, or other boating destinations in South Florida, send a message to the boat owners to talk about your yacht rental or reach out to us at