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Yacht Charters in Whitsundays


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Rent a Yacht in Whitsundays with Sailo!

Holidays by Whitsundays yacht charter are famous in Australia for their fantastic sailing, beautiful scenery and ideal climate.  This incredible charter location is now also begining to be discovered by charterers from outside Australia.  If stunning beaches and great diving get you excited, come and experience a yacht charter in the Whitsunday Islands.  The islands are set inside acres of stunning coral reefs that protect the numerous islands and bays from ocean swells. The tropical waters are warm and teeming with sea life. In fact, they've been acclaimed to be one of the best cruising and yacht charter grounds in the world. There can be little doubt that the Whitsundays are in fact one of the best snorkeling and diving grounds around. Even though most of the attractions are quite close together, it would take several weeks or more to explore all that the Whitsundays have to offer.

How to make right yacht hire in Whitsundays?

For those on a Whitsunday yacht charter, who enjoy the destination more than the journey, the islands are only 1-3 hours sailing time from the main yacht charter bases in Airlie Beach, Shute Harbor, Pioneer Bay, Able Point or Hamilton Island. Within a couple of hours, you could find yourself in a delightful bay, enjoying a cold drink and a spectacular sunset. Most of the protected anchorages and islands are within a short an easy sail of one another. If you're looking for a Wilderness Retreat, you can find it here. If you require a five star resort or a health and spa resort — the Whitsundays have it all. You'll find unparalleled choice and variety when on a yacht charter in the Whitsunday Islands. Some of the most well known islands include Hayman, Hamilton, Daydream and Brampton, to name a few. Although many islands in the Whitsunday's hide lovely resorts, there are also many that are still uninhabited, untouched paradises. Many of the islands are acclaimed National Parks that are covered with protected wildlife and flora. Take a stroll through a natural rainforest to discover a waterfall to cool off. Most islands have great anchorages and many of the islands have moorings and marina facilities for yacht charters.

Best to sail Whitsundays charter locations to visit

Palm Bay and Happy Bay are favorite first night yacht charter anchorages due to their proximity to Shute harbor. Hook Island is noted for it's ancient (8000 years) aboriginal cave paintings. Nara Inlet is probably the best anchorage on Hook Island where you will notice the cockatoos and quite high the mountainous terrain. There are also numerous other lovely coral reef rimmed bays, particularly on the north side of Hook Island. One such bay is Butterfly Bay where fresh water pools attract butterflies.

A must see yacht charter stopover is Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island, the largest Island in the Whitsundays. Whitehaven beach is over 3 miles of perfect fine, whiter than white, sand (bring your sunglasses) fringed by native tropical woods. Whitehaven beach is known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world, and believe me this is not without good cause.

In the heart of the Whitsundays is Hamilton Island, a yacht charter destination more on the 'civilized' side. Hamilton has a great marina, a jet airport, a couple of high-rise buildings (which fit in very well with the landscape) and a bustling scene of restaurants and bars. Hamilton Island is the largest development on the Islands of Australia and you can fly in and pick up a yacht charter directly from this base.

The types of yacht charter available in the Witsundays are all the main types including motor, sailing, bareboat charter, skippered, crewed yachts, catamaran, power boat, sailboat, luxury yachts and even the occasional super yacht charter.

Why should you choose Whitsundays yacht rental in Australia?

You’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of beaches, mountains, and rainforests as you cruise the 40-mile stretch of the Whitsunday Islands. From snorkeling and diving in the Great Barrier Reef to hooking a 1000-pound marlin or celebrating a night on the town, the Whitsundays make it easy to enjoy a spectacular vacation.

Yacht hire Whitsundays available for all year season

The Whitsunday yacht charter season runs all year, although the Whitsunday's are prone to cyclones and tropical rain during summer, from November to March. These are also the warmest and most humid months. The climate is warm all year, with the temperature rarely falling below the twenties in winter. Those on yacht charter between October and April, should be aware of the dangers of stingers, and take precautions when swimming in the ocean. The Whitsunday's really can provide you with one of the best yacht charter holidays ever. The facilities are superb, the scenery is stunning and the sailing is simply fantastic. As they say: 'Queensland is beautiful one day, perfect the next'.

When it comes to cruising in the Whitsundays, the number of options and yachts can be overwhelming! This is where Sailo can help – with our passionate and knowledgeable staff we will help you choose the right yacht charter for your holiday making it one you will never forget. Many factors will ascertain which is the best yacht for you and your group, including your party size, sailing experience and budget among others. Please find listed below the various holiday options you have for your sailing holiday in the magical Whitsunday Islands.

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